How to get a discount on purchases in our online store?

It's easy! Make purchases for a certain amount and the discount will be automatically applied to your cart. You don't have to register anywhere and worry about anything.

Remember that delivery costs are not included in the order amount, and discounted and promotional products increase the value of the basket, but are not subject to discounts. Or you can simply rely on us - you will always find the correct settlement in your basket.

Discount depends on the amount of your order. Below you can see what is the next threshold:

  • for purchases over PLN 200 – 5%
  • for purchases over PLN 500 – 7%
  • for purchases over PLN 700 – 9%

Don't forget that if you plan to buy for even higher amounts, at BERGMEN you can always count on an individual approach.

Contact one of our sales representatives and see what we can offer.